Is it Severe Flu? Here’s How to Overcome Flu with Delicious Foods

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Is it Severe Flu? Here’s How to Overcome Flu with Delicious Foods

The flu is indeed very easy to attack anyone, especially if the erratic weather that sometimes rains suddenly, then briefly then subsides, and then it rains again, we can be sure the immune system will decrease. Your next choice is to take medicine, even if it is raining, you can still get your medicine easily by buying drugs at the Online Pharmacy, of course, if there is rain, you should not force yourself to go out to buy drugs, which will even make your flu gets worse.

Are you suffering from flu and have not recovered even though you have tried taking cold medicine? In fact, flu is the easiest disease to infect anyone who is weak in body resistance. Of course, severe flu can be the number one bully when you are on the move or working because besides being contagious, the flu can also make you unable to enjoy food freely. You can eat this delicious food to help ease it. Then, what are these foods?

Fruit consumption

Eating cold foods is strictly prohibited if you are having the flu. But, if what you eat is a delicious and refreshing fruit it will be good to overcome dehydration during the flu.

Oatmeal and Banana

If you are hit by the flu and nasal congestion due to an annoying cold, you can try breakfast with oatmeal mixed with bananas. The content of oatmeal is well known for maintaining endurance and immunity to the flu virus no longer attacks you even when you have the flu. In addition, the content of potassium in bananas can replace the body minerals that come out when you have the flu.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato or sweet potato can be a good choice of food that you can enjoy while you are having a cold. You can bake some sweet potatoes by adding a little salt and one teaspoon of olive oil. Sweet potatoes are known to contain abundant vitamin A and can help restore your immune system during a cold.

Chicken soup

Who doesn’t like eating chicken soup? Besides being delicious, chicken soup is also very easy to make at home, especially for those of you who are resting due to severe flu. The composition in the chicken soup served warm can dilute the mucus which makes your nose compress during the flu. Nutrient content in chicken meat can also be an anti-inflammatory substance and can reduce the swelling that occurs in the nasal passages.

So, who says you can’t eat good food as long as you have a cold? How to deal with the flu can by eating this delicious food, with the right food ingredients, you can still eat well and recover from the flu quickly. Maybe useful!