How To Program An Audi Transponder Key

How To Program An Audi Transponder Key

Actually, the process of programming an Audi transponder key can be quite tricky particularly if it’s your first time. However, learning how to do it will certainly worth the time. No matter the type of transponder key you want to program for your Audi, this DIY programming procedure will work so efficiently. For the sake of brevity, the programming instructions presented below are limited to Audi transponder keys.

Instructions for programming an Audi transponder key

Whether you are looking to program a brand new key or you want to program one that has been previously programmed, this guide will help you achieve your aim. For previously programmed Audi keys, here is what you need to do.

– Take the remote and press the unlock button.

– Do not take your finger off the unlock button but keep holding it and insert it into the ignition.

– Ensure to keep holding down the unlock button and turn the ignition to the on position.

– Do not release the button until the ignition has been turned on and off after approximately two seconds.

For new Audi transponder keys, here is what you need to do.

– Put the key into the ignition and turn it on.

– As a good safety precaution, it is recommended to roll down the driver’s side window.

– Then shut the door after exiting the car.

– Do not use the remote to lock the door but instead, use the second key.

– Now, press the unlock button on the remote you want to remote. Once done, you’ll see the lights flash.

– Before pressing the unlock button, it’s ideal to wait for about ten seconds. The key should be programmed once the door is unlocked.

Repeat the steps mentioned above, if there are more keys to program. You can now remove the key from the ignition after these have been done. Before testing to verify if the programmed Audi transponder key is working, it is highly advisable to remove the original key from the ignition. The programming process will only be confirmed complete once the action of removing the key has been performed. This helps to send appropriate signals to the car.

In case there is any difficulty accessing the programming mode, you can repeat the process again. Before beginning the process again, ensure to remove the key front the ignition. If the reprogramming process does not work even after starting the proves all over, check to ensure that the batteries located in the key fobs are active. If that checks out, make sure that the keys are the suitable ones for manufacturing year of the car.

With this short, simple and straightforward technique, you can easily program your Audi transponder key without any stress.

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