CBC Chairman Tran Siu

CBC Chairman Tran Siu

Tran Siu, Australia:
Australia has bunches of superb motivations to gloat. One of those reasons is its persevering and committed Ward Councilor and Deputy Mayor Tran Siu. Tran Siu transparently encapsulates the characteristics of his awesome and respectable country.

Tran Siu as a chairman of CBC:
Councilor Tran Siu has served on the Brimbank Harvester Ward Council since November 2008. At the center of CBC Chairman Trans Siu is his conviction that Australia is exceptional. As opposed to join other individuals who grumble with respect to the nation’s flaws, Tran focuses his endeavors on Australia’s qualities. He was also elected as a CBC chairman at a very young age. He has resulted in these present circumstances undaunted conviction as a child of displaced person guardians. Following quite a long while of watching his mother and father, youthful Tran got the chance to comprehend their appreciation to and energy about Australia. Councilor and also the CBC Chairman Tran Siu conveys forward that same adoration and thankfulness as a major aspect of his own and expert life. As a byproduct of the colossal life that Australia gives, Cr Tran Siu ceaselessly commits his open life to speaking to his nation’s fine qualities by illustration and every day helping its life-managing growth.

His Life and Career:
Throughout his initial school years, while going to Glengala Primary School, then Sunshine College, and repeating to the present, he has insightfully decided positive most ideal approach to build up Australia’s Sunshine people group. With unswerving commitment, Councilor Tran Siu vigorously satisfies his obligation of specifically serving people of the City of Brimbank. Mr. Siu was one of eight finalists from over the state who made an exceptional commitment to their groups – setting up Internet classes for the elderly, giving youngsters a voice on a nearby daily paper or running against tormenting and hostile to smoking efforts at school.

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