Top haircut apps that are really good for your hair

Top haircut apps that are really good for your hair

Hair are the beautiful thing that a girl ever got and natural perfect thick and long hair are the dream of a girl and she ever wanted to have such we are going to share to hair cut apps to help to choose a perfect hairstyle for your hair.Let the blond hair has had the head of most women, either with lights, locks, Californian, balaiagem. The tone emphasizes the feminine beauty and draws attention, but maintaining a healthy whitened hair requires work. Dermatologist Valcinir Bedin, President of the Brazilian Society of Hair, explains that all bleaching process is aggressive. “All the hair cuticles are open and have their melanin molecules hyper oxygenated during dye,” he says. Therefore, the strands deserve extra care. The My Life prepared a list with nine care for anyone with a blond guy who just left the room. Check it.


Why to choose a best app for hair

Who chooses to stay blonde hardly want to return to the original color, but many give up the lighter tone because the frequent bleaching end up leaving the wires with very dry aspect. “Women blondes cut the increasingly short hair due to the large amount of split ends that are appearing,” says Gennaro Preite hair, hair beauty consultant in São Paulo. A good solution to avoid excessive wear is to make use of a whitening enhancer. Gennaro account that the product decreases the amount of bleaching required to clear the wiring pitch “A hair can be bleached with hydrogen peroxide and powder to the middle blond and the reinforcing bring color to the light blonde, eg”. The result is a less damaged and less hair split ends.

Pollution, chlorine, sun exposure and a lot of chemistry can leave to oily hair quite resected. According to hair stylist Jonas Lazarus Fino Capelli Salon, in Rio de Janeiro, the dryness can happen because the hair pH changed, the hair cuticles are dilated and unprotected or because the hair lost its natural coating of fat, getting dry and dull – even wires longer than 10cm paid less scalp nutrients.

Importantly, dry hair are different from dry wires. “Dry hair concerns the type of scalp, which has low production of sebum by the sebaceous glands, resulting in yarns of less glossy appearance compared to normal and oily hair,” says dermatologist Tatiana Gabbi, the Brazilian Society of Dermatology. While any hair type – oily, dry or mixed – can be resected due to the changes already mentioned, but this is a framework that can be reversed by taking some precautions. Follow the tips from the experts and reverse the problem of dry hair:

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